The Work/Party Culture @FMS

The Origin of FMS - unlike any other studio

Not so long ago there was a thought, an idea - to provide the best VFX solution in the market for Films, TV series, Commercials, VR, AR alike. The difference here is that this had to be done keeping one very important basic in mind - to provide the best environment as well as treatment for the artists, crew and all those involved in creating FMS. Bridging this gap meant a complete restructure in terms of the business practices, work ethics and stepping away from the way a VFX company runs.

We are committed towards the same and that is why we are working from the ground up - which includes re-defining roles, responsibilities, and workflows. We take change as a constant as it really is and embrace the best power that we as humans have i.e. Adaptability. Here's to newer technologies, best practices and above all - here's to the team that makes it happen!