FLUIIDMASK is a high-end VFX studio, specializing in sophisticated CG fx that usually leave the audience in AWE.

FMS is a Mumbai based independent Animation & Visual effects facility. We craft super-awesome VFX that drive the audience to experience and believe the worlds of fantasy, fiction and reality at a whole new level.

The core team has a strong aesthetic and rock-solid experience of 16+ years working on many prestigious projects for Bollywood as well as the Hollywood film industry. This has enabled us to gain experience in all the diverse areas of the film production pipeline.

FMS is proud to be an “artist driven company” that fosters creativity, uniqueness and true grit to create the impossible. We don’t deter limitations; we embrace them! We truly believe that Art happens in the void between the possible and the impossible.

We are versatile and adaptable – to the latest technology, processes and aesthetics. This helps us to remain “Future Proof” and thereby making us your ideal partners to achieve your vision whatever it may be

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FMS is more about the people than the facility. Our Artists, Team Leads and the Producers are the real rockstars!