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Night Cricket with the FMS crew

We sincerely believe in the famous adage - "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." So when we get the chance we squeeze in a game / activity here and there. And when it's Cricket; you can be sure to have a mini session of Guts and Glory. A serious spike in creativity is sure to hit the entire space the next day. By the way - Heads - I Bat and Tails - You bowl ;)

A Very Merry FMS Christmas

A day filled with surprises, loads of gifts handed over by the one and only jolly Mr Claus. What added more to the fun was the gifts were exchanged based on "The Secret Santa" game !

Turns out this was just the start - Next the entire team visited St Catherine's Elder Home and shared the joy of giving with senior citizens alike. Listening to their stories didn't just make us happy but added a whole new perspective.

Ho Ho Ho! we want more of this :)

The Fluiidmask Mannequin Challenge


How does one wish the Boss - Viral Thakkar a happy birthday ? That was the question we started out with. Our answer - The FMS Mannequin Challenge! Shot in a serious hush-hush way while the boss was out for a shoot. We literally had to cut off the live feed of the camera as "The Boss" sees it all. It was fun, exciting and a uniting moment for Team FMS. Shot in a single continuous shot along with integration of FX and other fun elements that highlight the eccentricities as well as the varied personalities of our team; It surely is a must-watch! Have fun!